Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ready to Roll

Mon Sep 7
AM 10 miles, 62min
PM 5 miles, 34min, drills

Tue Sep 8
12 miles, WO: Progression at Nashua Trails: 10625m in 34:24 / 2125m each lap
Lap 1- 7:32 (5:42 pace)
Lap 2- 6:57 (5:15)
Lap 3- 6:44 (5:05)
Lap 4- 6:38 (5:01)
Lap 5- 6:32 (4:56)

Wed Sep 9
AM 5 miles, 33min
PM 10 miles, 62min, drills

Thu Sep 10
AM 5 miles, 34min
PM 10 miles, Davis road, 63min, 10x Short Hills

Fri Sep 11
12 miles, 1:11min, drills

Sat Sep 12
AM 10 miles, Methuen road, 62min
PM 5 miles, 35min

Sun Sep 13
16 miles, 1:48min

total= 100 miles

Excellent week of training. I'm finally feeling very fit now. The progression run was a good indicator of how I have progressed in the last six weeks. I closed the last 8500 of the 10625m workout in 26:50 while on July 24, I was only able to do a total of 8500 in 27:30, but ran 51:30 for a 10 miler a few days later. I am feeling pretty comfortable with the mileage being at 100. I will do two quick turnover workouts (Tue, Thu) and then race Sunday in Providence at 11:00 in front of the RI State House. Hoping to run somewhere between 14:18 to 14:25 or a top 10 finish. This will set me up for a good 8k at Codfish bowl on Sep 26. After that, I will go into "Rocky IV Mode" as Ritz describes it. The next goal race will be Mayors Cup on Oct 25. Stay tuned!