Sunday, July 26, 2009

First week back in US

July 20 Monday
Off, travel (20 hours)

July 21 Tuesday
AM 5 miles, 36min, drills
PM 10 miles, 69 min

July 22 Wednesday
13miles, 1.23, felt strong, 15.20 from Roarke bridge to Apt

July 23 Thursday
AM 5, 34 min
PM 10, 66min

July 24 Friday
WO roughly 8500m Progression run,7:08, 6:54, 6:49,6:39, total 27.30,
First loop in 7.08, Last loop in 6.39 (11miles total), weak on hills

July 25 Saturday
16 miles,1.49min, lost in woods, very dehydrated

July 25 Sunday
AM 6 miles, 42 min
PM 6 miles,39min w. 9x1min on/off, felt strong again

Total: 82 miles, 1 day off

This week was about readjusting back in US. I must say I did a poor adjustment to the hour changes form Lisbon to US and that is hurting me quite a bit. In addition, the humidity has not helped either. I am a little tired, but hopefully next week I get back into a better rythm.