Thursday, October 6, 2016

Six weeks to Valencia Marathon

With just six and a half weeks to go until the Valencia Marathon, the training intensity has significantly picked up and the volume of the intensity will continue to increase. It is now the time that the "marathon training" starts to settle in, and you feel as if you're not totally recovered from one workout before the next workout. It is the pure essence of what separates marathon training from other type long distance training. You get tired, you train on tired legs, you get even more tired and then you rest a little before the big race. It can be daunting at times because with "tired legs" it's easy to lose confidence.

I've learned to move on from one workout to another, but there's a fine line between "moving on" and "putting the right emphasis" in making sure you take each workout serious. Just because the workouts calls for 8x200 vs. a 15 mile tempo doesn't mean it's just a walk in the park and there's no preparation needed. Being prepared for me means doing all the little things (foam rolling day before, sleep well, eat well, get proper warm up and drills).

To give you an idea of what my training looks like for now, here are the past 14 days:

I've moved on to kilometers, for a general conversion guide:

3:45/km pace ~ 6:00/mile pace
4:00/km pace ~ 6:25/mile pace

Thursday Sep 22
AM 14km UpTempo - 48:03 (3:26/km)                               
PM 12km easy - 48:41 (4:03/km)

Friday Sep 23
AM 8km full recovery- 34:17 (4:16/km)
PM 14km easy - 58:12 (4:09/km)

Saturday Sep 24                                                                 
AM Workout
4km warm up
4x3min at 2:48/km
4km cool down, total 13km
PM 8km easy - 36:22 (4:32/km)

Sunday Sep 25                                                                   
AM Race Lone Gull 10k - Training to race on tired legs
4km warm up
Race 10k 4th (30:49)
4km cool down, total 18km
PM 14km easy - 58:13 (4:09/km)

Monday Sep 26
AM off
PM 12km - 47:25 (3:56/km)

Tuesday Sep 27
AM 12km - 47:18 (3:56/km)
PM Workout
8km warm up
12x300 w/ 1:10 rest: 48, 48,46,47,46,46,46,47,48,47,46,46
4km cool down, total 17km

Wednesday Sep 28
AM 15km UpTempo - 55:26 (3:42/km)
PM off

Thursday Sep 29
AM 10km easy - 40:07 (4:01/km)
PM Workout
6km warm up
6x1600 w/ 3:10 rest: 4:55,4:54,4:53,4:51,4:51,4:48
4km cool down, total 23.1km

Friday Sep 30
AM 15km easy - 59:15 (3:57/km)
PM 15km UpTempo - 51:23 (3:25/km)

Saturday Oct 1
AM 15km easy - 59:39 (3:58/km)
PM 8km full recovery- 34:40 (4:20/km)

Sunday Oct 2
AM Workout
3km warm up
25km Tempo - 1:22:45 (3:18.5/km)
3km cool down, total 21km
PM off

Monday Oct 3
AM off
PM 12km - 47:35 (3:57/km)

Tuesday Oct 4
AM 12km - 47:14 (3:56/km)
PM Workout
6km warm up
12x400 w/ 1:10 rest: 64,63,63,64,63,63,63,64,63,63,63,62
4km cool down, total 15.8km

Wednesday Oct 5
AM 15km easy - 58:30 (3:54/km)
PM 12km UpTempo - 43:28 (3:37/km)

~  341km in 14 days, 5 hard workout days, 4 light workout days (uptempos), 1 race

My hard workout days include full warm up, full set of drills, strides and cool down. Uptempo runs are "get out the door and run hard" kind of runs.

Disclaimer: I'm not a full time athlete, I also work a 9-5 office job, therefore, there are several challenging variables  that I have to take into account when training. I try to do the best I can with the amount of time I have. 

  Racing Lone Gull 10km - Finished 4th (30:49). Photo by Jim Rhoades.