Tuesday, March 8, 2016

London Marathon Training: Week 4

This past week had its ups and downs. As with any marathon training program, there is a fine line between injury and fitness. The fitter you are, the more likely you are flirting with injury. For me, this has been something I've struggled with a lot in the past. My aerobic capacity and ability to train at a higher level becomes stronger than the load my legs are able to support. I had to skip a key workout this week to allow my body to recover. For London, my goal is to get to the starting line in shape and ready to give myself a chance to run the time I need to run. In order to do that, I can''t simply take days off here and there. It'd be easier If I was training for the mile, but strength and endurance are not things you can fake in the marathon. I'm continuing to do everything I can to be healthy, but I also have to make sure I get appropriate training to get me fit. It is critically important that whenever I have 'bad stretches' or 'mini setbacks' whether it's a workout or a nagging injury, that I'm able to bounce back fresh physically and mentally.

Week 4
Feb 29  Mon AM 5 miles + hurdles drills (RHR = 35) PM 60-min stationary bike + Physical Therapy
Mar 1  Tue AM 5 miles + weights PM 13 miles w/ 8x 3min hill + normatec recovery
Mar 2  Wed AM 13 miles (1:22)  PM Massage
Mar 3 Thu AM 5 miles + hurdle drills  PM 10 miles (skipped tempo workout, right calf too sore)
Mar 4 Fri AM Physical Therapy PM 30-min stationary bike per PT's order  
Mar 5 Sat  AM 5 miles  PM 10 miles + hurdle drills
Mar 6 Sun  24 miles fuel run 2:28:27 - 4 mile splits 25:45, 25:28, 25:02, 24:16, 23:50, AHR  = 148

TOTAL 90 miles running ,90 minutes stationary bike. Notes: I was bummed not to get in the 10-mile tempo Thursday, but felt extremely comfortable with the long run on Sunday. I tried a new energy gel provided by one of my new sponsors UnTapped  and had good results with taking a gel at mile 13 and another at mile 20. I didn't even need water as it was easy to digest. Overall I'm happy where my strength and fitness is right now, but I need to continue to do all little things to stay healthy. Thanks for your support.

Picture from training this week.  .

                                                  Stationary bike in my basement

Strength training at PT
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