Sunday, February 28, 2016

London Marathon Training: Week 3

After the first 3 weeks, I feel that marathon training is finally getting into full swing. The '3x3mile' workout is usually a good barometer of my fitness. I tend to start in the 15:50's, but felt very comfortable this week in the 15:30's-40's range which is good sign. I could've probably gone faster, but for this cycle I'm trying to keep things under control - focusing on staying healthy and doing all the little things possible, from PT to strengthening, massage etc. I've started to use heart rate monitor as well to monitor intensity level in my workouts. The hill workout will continue to be a staple weekly workout as it doesn't take too much from me. I will do at least 1 race pace workout and 1 very long long run type. I feel that mileage around 110 should be enough as long as I'm hitting the key marathon workouts. I look forward to the weeks ahead. Thank you for your support.

Week 3
Feb 22  Mon AM 10 miles (60:13) + weights PM 5 miles w/ strides + massage (sleep RHR = 35)
Feb 23  Tue AM 5 miles + hurdle drills PM 12 miles w/ 7 x 3min hills
Feb 24  Wed AM 5 miles + weights PM 10 miles + Physical Therapy
Feb 25 Thu 15 miles (1:25:57) w/ 3 x 3 mile w/ mile float recovery (15:44, 5:55, 15:37, 5:55, 15:35) + normatec
Feb 26 Fri AM 5 miles + hurdle drills + Physical Therapy PM 10 miles  
Feb 27 Sat  13 miles (1:20:50) + weights  
Feb 28 Sun AM 20 miles steady long run (2:00:57 - 61:26 / 59:31) PM Massage
TOTAL 110 miles 

Picture from training this week. Photo by Rossy, Zac.