Sunday, February 21, 2016

London Marathon Training: Week 1 and 2

Since my last post, a few good and unfortunate things have happened. I will start with the good: my entry has officially been accepted and confirmed for the 2016 Virgin Mobile London Marathon. It will likely be my last shot at running under the Olympic Qualifying window. Next, following my last post (while I was in the middle of starting to increase my training volume and intensity), a past injury flared up -  a nagging chronic left hamstring strain that  I thankfully now have under some level of control. Staying injury free is a battle I've been fighting all of my post-collegiate career. At this stage in my marathon build up, I've got to have flawless training if I want to be at the starting line in London. With that said, I immediately started an aggressive physical therapy plan (which includes graston, ART, dry needling, specific exercises, massage therapy etc), and I feel satisfied with where things are as far as my future health, current fitness level and race timing.

Following the last two weeks of 120+ miles, I had two down weeks of 69 and 45 miles (which I won't even bother to breakdown). I was able to do just the minimal just to maintain some level of fitness. I'm not too concerned with this training hiccup as I've put in a decent amount of base work from November to January.

Now to the present and future. I'm getting physical therapy and massage therapy on a weekly basis. I'm doing a little bit of cross training (in addition to the running), a lot of injury prevention strengthening exercises, weights and hurdle drills. As far as the running portion is going, I'm looking to do training pretty similar to what I did in 2014 when I ran 2:19:05 in Boston. I believe If I can get to London very healthy, I'm capable of running at least that or much faster.

Below are my last two weeks of training. I'm looking to continue to build up in the workouts but want to do it progressively. Comments always welcome.

Week 1
Feb 8  Mon 10 miles
Feb 9  Tue 12 miles + hurdle drills
Feb 10 Wed AM Physical Therapy PM 10 miles + weights
Feb 11 Thu AM 5 miles + hurdle drills PM 10 miles + Normatec Recovery
Feb 12  Fri AM 5 miles + weights PM 12 miles + Physical Therapy
Feb 13  Sat 13 miles + hurdle drills
Feb 14 Sun AM 16 miles progressive long run (first 10 in 65:57, next 6 in 5:58, 5:47, 5:35, 5:27, 5:21) PM Normatec Recovery
TOTAL 93 miles, 1 workout
Week 2
Feb 15  Mon AM 10 miles + weights PM 5 miles + Physical Therapy
Feb 16  Tue AM 5 miles + hurdle drills PM 60-min stationary bike
Feb 17  Wed AM 5 miles + Physical Therapy + weights PM 10 miles w/ 6x3min hills
Feb 18 Thu AM 12 miles + hurdle drills PM 5 miles + Massage
Feb 19 Fri AM 5 miles + weights PM 10 miles w/ 5 mile tempo (25:36 - 5:17, 5:12, 5:07, 5:01, 4:59) + Normatec Recovery
Feb 20 Sat AM 13 miles + hurdle drills PM 5 miles + strides
Feb 21 Sun AM 20 miles progressive long run in 2:06:12 (first 5 in 35:16, then 32:02, 30:28, 28:46) PM Normatec Recovery
TOTAL 105 miles,60-min bike, 3 workouts. Happy with the 25:36 tempo. Goal was to run 25:45. In my last build up, I had run 25:48 to start the marathon block.


Pictures form this week training. Photo credit to Rossy.