Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 16

Got in two really great workouts this week. It was a busy week at my real job (at UMass Lowell) and I felt a bit tired from non-running related activities. However, I had to get in 2 key workouts this week: the progression run and the 16 mile tempo. The progression run was great. Goal was to run about 90%MP for first half (slightly sub 6:00 per mile) and then run the last 5 miles at roughly Half Marathon pace (about 5:00 per mile for me). I ran about 45 seconds faster than the same exact workout before Boston Marathon 2014. It provides me with a huge boost of confidence knowing and feeling in much better shape. On Saturday, the plan was to run between 5:15-5:18 per mile for 16 miles. I was a bit nervous because of lack of sleep/rest and I had to be done warmed up and start the tempo at 6:30am, a bit earlier than I'm used to work out.. However, I'm glad to say this was by far the best and smoothest MP tempo run I've ever done. It felt great clicking off some sub 5:10. I ended up running about 1 minute 40 seconds faster than the same tempo before Boston Marathon. Looking forward to a "medium" week next week, followed by an easy week.