Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week 9

This week I had 2 races lined up: The Newburyport 10 mile (goal was sub 51min or win) and the Ibero American Games track 5k (goal to just run hard and try to place as high as possible). The 10 mile was decent. My initial goal was to run 51 but also contest for the win. I was 2nd, but could've probably ran much faster if I didn't try to go for the win and chase down the 1st place guy from the gun. It cost me at least 20 seconds based on how I felt towards the end of the race. However, I'm glad I "went" for it. Sometimes I feel that it's good to try new race tactics and learn from them. Compared to during this time in my last marathon block, I am doing good in terms of fitness schedule. I ran a bit slower at Amherst 10 miler (50:56) during similar training period. This 10 mile race provides me a good indication of where I'm at before I start the big marathon workouts in August.

Next up was the Ibero-American Games track 5k in Brazil for which I was to represent Cabo Verde. Unfortunately, there were some visa problems and I never got to leave the airport in Sao Paulo. I'm not going to too much into details here, but lets just say it was a pretty exhausting trip.It took about 58 hours of either being in an airplane or airport, costing me to full days of training. I'm going to "think" of this is as my down week and keep plugging along. August is going to be a big month for training. Lots of MP intervals and tempos which are my favorite.