Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 9

March 31 Monday- 10 miles + weights + ART
April 1 Tuesday- AM: 5 miles + hurdles PM: 12 miles
April 2 Wednesday- 15 miles + weights
April 3 Thursday- 15 miles w/ 10 mile tempo (first 5 miles at 90%MP 5:59-5:57-5:53-5:48-5:46 last 5 miles at 105% MP 5:09-5:05-5:00-4:52-4:46)
April 4 Friday- AM 5 miles + hurdles PM: 12 miles + ART
April 5 Saturday- AM: 5 miles PM: 13 mile Charlie Speeding fartlek (5min-1-2-4-1-3 w/ 5min steady in between) on Boston Marathon hills (1:10:19, last mile 4:58)
April 6 Sunday- 19 miles on Boston Marathon course

Total 111 miles

I was very tired at the beginning of this week because of the 16 mile tempo I did on March 30. I skipped the Tuesday hill workout, felt OK on the Thursday tempo, but extremely good on Saturday's Charlie Speeding workout. Spedding is a fun fartlek workout which I've done in the past and is usually a good indication of my fitness and I'm glad it went well. I the next 2 weeks I will start to cut down on the volume intensity. I will try to keep things steady while allowing myself to recover very quick.