Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 8

Mar 24 Monday- AM: 5 miles + weights PM: 10 miles + ART
Mar 25 Tuesday- AM: 5 miles + hurdles PM: 13 miles w/ 10x3min uphill
Mar 26 Wednesday- 12 miles + weights
Mar 27 Thursday- AM: 5 miles + hurdles pm: 12 miles w/ 5 mile tempo (25:17)
Mar 28 Friday- AM: 5 miles + weights PM: 12 miles
Mar 29 Saturday - 12 miles + ice bath
Mar 30 Sunday AM: 7 miles w/ race (An Ras Mor 5k, 14:40) PM: 17 miles w/ 16 mile tempo (1:24:57) splits every 4 miles: 21:32,21:25,21:17,20:40

Total 115 miles

This was another very solid week in my build up for Boston. I finished 2nd to Jeff Veiga at the An Ras Mor 5km in Cambridge, MA. I felt strong in the race. We went out at a conservative 4:49 pace, we picked things up in the middle mile, I took the lead with 800m to go but then got outkicked near the end. I probably could have tried harder, but certainly didn't want to risk an all out sprint in the cold rain with heavy marathon training legs under me. I felt like I recovered very quickly after the race and was pleased with how I bounced back to get in the 16 mile tempo, which was a major workout  I needed to do. I was able to run this workout 2 full minutes faster than when I last did it in 2011 (the year I ran 2:18 marathon). I feel like I'm in a good position heading into the last 3 weeks of training before the Boston Marathon.Now I need to make sure these last 3 weeks are as flawless as possible to be sure I go into the race fresh and ready.