Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 10

April 7 Monday- AM: 5 miles + weights PM: 10 miles + ART
April 8 Tuesday- 13 miles w/ 10x3min hills
April 9 Wednesday- AM: 5 miles + hurdles PM: Massage
April 10 Thursday- AM: 5 miles + weights PM: 15 miles w/ 2x6miles at MP w/ 1 mile float (31:28-5:59-31:28)
April 11 Friday- AM: 5 miles +hurdles PM:12 miles + ART
April 12 Saturday- AM: 5 miles PM: 10 miles
April 13 Sunday- 15 miles at 90% MP (1:27:24) + ice bath

Total 100 miles

This was my last week of workouts before Boston. Next week I will do one easy "dress rehearsal" 5k tempo at MP and then just easy short runs before the marathon. This will also be my last blog before the race. I think this block of marathon training has gone pretty well. I did the best I could to prepare. I feel very good going into it, however execution on race day will have to be just as critical as preparing for the race, especially on the tricky Boston course. You can follow me during the race at I will be wearing number 50. Thanks for reading.