Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 5

Mar 3 Monday-10 miles+weights+ART
Mar 4 Tuesday- AM: 5 miles+hurdles PM: 13 miles w/ 7x3min uphill
Mar 5 Wednesday- 5 miles
Mar 6 Thursday-AM: 5 miles + weights PM: 10 miles
Mar 7 Friday-AM: 5 miles PM: 13 miles +ART
Mar 8 Saturday-AM: 5 miles + hurdles PM: 13 miles w/10mile tempo (52:24)
Mar 9 Sunday-20 miles, 2:03 (63/60)
Total 104 miles

This was a good week. I would have liked to get in a few more miles but was really busy with some other more important life commitments. However, it was an extremely productive week. I did my fastest ever 10 mile road tempo. Back in 2011, I ran low 53min in a group setting. Doing low 52 alone this past week is a huge confidence booster as I continue to make my comeback to the marathon. I was hoping to keep 5:18 average but was able to hold 5:14 on a hillier course and feel very comfortable. More importantly, I was able to come back and run a smooth 20 mile the next day. This is even more significant because it means my body is not only absorbing the workouts but also recovering well. This upcoming week I'm racing the New Bedford Half Marathon. I'm hoping for a PR or a performance that will indicate that I'm ready for a marathon within the next few months. We shall see!!