Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Beginnings - Week 1

Although I haven't posted much, a lot has happened since my last post in August of 2013.  I got a new PR in the 10km (29:54), won a national championship (11k, 33:19) and won an international medal at the Lusophone Games (5k, Gold). Now that we're at the beginning of the year in 2014, it's time to start making some new plans towards the long term plan - Rio 2016! Following my knee surgery in May 2013, it's been a rocky road back to recovery. Scar tissue is nothing to be messed around with. I was told post surgery that effects can still last up to 2 years! With my goal of running in Rio 2016 Olympic Marathon, scar tissue is a no-no for marathon training. Luckily, I'm now starting to understand my body better in terms of what treatment I really need to fix this problem. For now my short term goal is to get back to "Marathon type" training. The only way this will possible is to increase my training load capacity progressively while getting rid of scar tissue. Now that the Lusophone Games are behind, I have some flexibility and time to get all the appropriate items I need into my training: Active Release Therapy, weight training, hip mobility (hurdles), dynamic drills etc. These little things will help keep me healthy enough to be able to do the other "Marathon type" training: 130 miles weeks, tempos, long runs, long intervals, long fartleks, hills etc. My intermediate goal is to...well PR. Find a race that I believe I can run 2:15. I know this is possible but Ive got to be 100% healthy in order to make it happen. The longer I'm healthy, the fitter I will be.

For now, here's the first week of a new training cycle in my books after a few days off.

Feb 3 Monday - 10 miles + ART (Active Release Theraphy)
Feb 4 Tuesday - AM: 5 miles + weights PM: 10 miles 
Feb 5 Wednesday - Off
Feb 6 Thursday - AM: 5 miles + weights PM: 10 miles + ART
Feb 7 Friday - 10 miles
Feb 8 Saturday - AM 5 miles + weights PM: 10 miles
Feb 9 Sunday - 12 miles (5:45 last 6 miles)
Total 77 miles, 1 day off