Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Down But Not Out

There's a fine line between injury and fitness. I must confess I've flirted with this line way too many times. I don't consider myself to be "talented runner" by any means. Every accomplishment I've had, has taken a lot of painful but yet joyful hard work over a long period of time. For example, I ran over 6,000 miles in the year of 2011 in order to get to a 2:18 marathon. It may have taken another "talented" guy less than 4,000. This time though, I don't think there is anything I could've done to avoid the injury line. It's just part of running and dealing with it is part of being an athlete.

With that in mind, this Friday May 3rd, I will go under the knife to remove a small golf-ball-like mass of fatty tissues underneath my patella, between my tibia and femur. I started feeling pain near the knee area since July 2012. After months off, rehab, preventative strength building, seeing almost a dozen doctors and having several misdiagnosis, it wasn't until several MRI tests and a biopsy that revealed the mass in my knee. I am very thankful that  some of initial potential diagnosis were incorrect. At first I was in  disbelief but now I am ready to face the challenge and go ahead with the procedure.

As I've been told by doctors, the procedure should have a very quick recovery time. According to them, I may even get back to running (healthy) in May of this year - if everything goes according to plan. Although I am a little bummed about having missed so many races (last race was Dec 1, 2012), I am feeling upbeat about the whole situation. I believe taking all this time off from running has rejuvinated my passion for running and maybe even added a few more healthy years down the road. I am hoping to back in better form that I have ever been in pursuit of my goal for Rio 2016 and beyond.

Until next time... Ruben