Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 13

Mon Mar 12
AM 8 miles
PM 12 miles

Tue Mar 13
AM 10 miles, strides
PM 8 miles, core, strides

Wed Mar 14
AM 6 miles
PM 10 miles, strides

Thu Mar 15
AM 10 miles
PM Travel to Myrtle Beach, SC

Fri Mar 16
AM Shakeout
PM Race 5000m at Shamrock Invite (Myrtle Beach, SC) - 1st 14:32, 10 miles

Sat Mar 17
AM Travel to Boston
PM 13 miles (1:22min)

Sun Mar 18
AM 20 miles (2:08min)
PM off

107 miles

This past week I had an unexpected race. I was asked by the Cape Verdean Athletics Federation to run a track 5000m race just to "register" a time. As part of the Olympic wildcard application process, I had to have a registered 5000m race in the past 12 months and I had until March 23rd to have it on file. I basically ran as easy as I could then kicked in the last mile. Felt great! Also, I have joined a new club, actually one of the oldest clubs in US - GBTC. Check out the website www.gbtc.org. It will be fun have team races again.