Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 9

Mon Feb 13
AM 12 miles,core
PM 8 miles

Tue Feb 14
AM 8 miles, drills
PM 10 miles, strides

Wed Feb 15
AM 13 miles, 5x Christian Hill
PM 7 miles, drills, strides, core

Thu Feb 16
AM 12 miles
PM off

Fri Feb 17
AM 13 miles, strides
PM 8 miles

Sat Feb 18
AM 13 miles
PM 7 miles, core

Sun Feb 19
AM 20 miles (2:07) w/ 10 mile fartlek in middle (5:38 pace)
5x (5min on/ 2 min off)
5x (3min on / 90 sec off)
5x (15sec on/ 10 sec off)
PM off

131 miles

I will keep the log here as I build up for the outdoor season for anyone interested in keeping track of my progress. For now though, nothing too specific, just fartleks, tempos, hills and long runs. I'm putting in the "dirty" work so I can be very strong for when real track workouts start. I'm very excited because I haven't had a full track season since college. I also haven't had any racing since Dec 4.