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Cape Verdean athletes await Wild Card for Olympics

Feb. 4, 2012
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The Cape Verdean Olympic Committee (COC) will enroll in the next few days, five athletes as candidates for the Wild Card (calls) Olympics (JO) of London, next summer is a chance for Mario Camões and Yannick d'Oliveira ( judo), Gilson Rodrigues (taekwondo), Nelson Cruz and Ruben Sanca (athletics), failed to qualify, even feeding the hope of carrying our flag to the world's biggest sporting event.But still going to have to go through a tripartite analysis, taking part in the International Federations, the Organization of OJ and Olympic Solidarity. The names of the lucky ones will be announced no later than May, and the only athletics meet his "bonus" in June, on the eve of OJ.

Cape Verdean athletes await Wild Card for Olympics

For now, the president of the COC says that the fact that athletes compete with Wild Cards is not a certificate of inferiority to our country. Quite the contrary.Franklin Palma says that all countries, especially those with fewer resources, use of this "recap" to be present at the biggest sporting event on the planet. Is that wild cards are the same is not to leave any country outside. Hence Palma believe in a "positive response" that will give at least one athlete to have Creole in London. It should be noted that since 1996, in Atlanta (USA), our athletes participating in the OJ thanks to wild cards. It happened with the Athletics (1996), gymnastics (2000) and boxing in 2004.

COC prepares the Lusophone Games

No time to lose ... and food caminhu prepares in advance. It is with this understanding and lined the Cape Verdean Olympic Committee (COC) will convene a meeting in the coming weeks, in Praia, with all national sports federations and the National Gymnastics. Objective? Start preparing now the 3rd edition of the Lusophone Games, which take place next year in Goa, India.

With this initiative to occur one year before the competition, Franklin Palma wants to put a stop to preparations-over-the-knees, which have always marked the participation of Cape Verde in international sports events. Aware of the difficulties that occurred in the two previous editions, Palm expects the meeting encouraging "clear indications" to bring each federation to submit their "best team" in Goa. In addition to those indications, Palm hopes to define the support for the program contracts with the Government.

"The Lusophone Games represent a great showcase for athletes Cape Verdeans.In the two previous editions in Macao and Lisbon, Cape Verde with many athletes participated and brought home many medals: bronze, silver and gold. Therefore, the sooner we begin our preparation, the more medals and best performance we, "Franklin believes Palma. The President of the COC makes the call for us to look with much more boldness this competition, which projects not only our athletes but also outside the country.

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