Monday, May 16, 2011

Week Ending May15

I'm slowly starting to get into the high mileage again, but I am in no rush to speed things up. Right now, I definitely am feeling the legs are not strong yet for high mileage and high intensity workouts. I don't have another race for about two months, so for now I am doing low key workouts to get me back into the weekly routine. This week, I did a decent workout Tuesday, which showed great progress from two weeks ago. However, by Thursday I had some slight pain on my right knee which was preventing me from having full range of motion. I opted to take the rest of the week easy and just get in some good mileage. The knee inflammation has gone and I feel good again, but legs are really tired still. I will remain patient until they're ready for the heavy duty work.

Monday May 11
AM off
PM 10 miles, 67min +drills

Tuesday May 12
AM 6 miles, 40min
PM 11 miles, 69min
2.5 mile warm up
workout 5x mile w/400 rest: 4:51, 4:44, 4:43, 4:39, 4:39
2.5 mile cool down

Wednesday May 13
AM 6 miles, 40min
PM 10 miles, 62:51
Late PM 7 miles, 50min

Thursday May 14
AM 5 miles, 35min
PM 10 miles, 70min

Friday May 15
AM 6 miles, 41min
PM 12 miles, 1;19min + drills

Saturday May 16
AM 12 miles, 1;34 with FHR
PM 7 miles, 51min + drills

Sunday May 17
AM off
PM 21 miles, 2:20min

123 miles