Monday, April 18, 2011

How I trained for Rotterdam

Since August of 2010, all the training was geared towards Rotterdam Marathon. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to train before doing my first marathon. Below is a summary of the training plan I used.

June to August (Build Up Phase)
-build up mileage to marathon range to 130 miles per week
-build up on long run to 22 miles
-added in strides and drills
-no workouts or races in this phase

September to November (General Strength Phase)
-Added in a two-week workout cycle to "touch all bases of fitness"
-Week 1: 10x400(at70), 8x1k (at3min), 5km tempo (15flat), 1 long fartlek or 20+mile long run
-Week 2: 6x1mile (5flat), 20 to 30 100m reps(15sec), 1 progression run or race
-Added cross country and road races to build strength
(took 2 down weeks in this period, end of Dec)

December to February (Speed Building Phase)
-Started Dec with two "down weeks" to recover from fall training
-Main focus here was building speed on track then taking it out on road
-Added long hills, Spedding longruns, faster mile (4:40) and 1k(2:50) reps than fall
-Started to slowly build up tempo runs of 95%MP (starting at 10 miles to 16 miles)
-2 to 3 indoor races, mile, 3k, 3k

March to April (Marathon Specific Phase)
-Intervals at MP, starting from 3 mile to 5 mile reps
-Extended tempo runs at 95%from 16 miles to 22 miles
-Added progression runs as medium efforts
-Added road racing building up from 10mile, 1/2 marathon then full marathon

During these last 10 months I ran the following PR's

Indoors 3000m 8:07 (Jan 2011), previous best was 8:09(Jan 2009)
Franklin Park 8k 24:06 (Oc 2010), previous best was 24:23(Oct 2010)
Road 5 mile 23:51 (Nov 2010), previous best was 25:21 (June 2007)
Road 10 mile 50:22(Feb 2011), previous best was 51:29 (Aug 2009)
Half Marathon 1:05:24 (Mar 2011) - debut, broke 10 mile PR in this race (49:50)
Marathon 2:18:43 (Apr 2011)- debut