Monday, April 18, 2011

1st Recovery Week from Rotterdam

Monday Apr 11
off, travel from Brussels-London-Boston

Tuesday Apr 12
5 miles, 36min + strides

Wednesday Apr 13
60 min bike at 120rpm

Thursday Apr 14
5 miles, 33min + strides

Friday Apr 15

Saturday Apr 16
5 miles, 35min + strides

Sunday Apr 17

15 miles

For now, I have no racing plans on mind. However, I am hoping to just spend the next months building my training back up. If I feel good and confident enough, I will try some road racing in July or August. However, this will also depend on whether or not Cape Verde decides to send me for the World Championship in late August or even the African Games in mid September. Now that I have done a full marathon, I think I can finally consider myself a "distance runner". My racing options have opened up and I will be considering any races from track to marathon distances.