Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 13 of 16 Marathon Training

Photo by Andre T. Gallagher

Monday Mar 14
AM off
PM 22 miles, 2:32min

Tuesday Mar 15
AM 5 miles, 35min
Noon ART with Dr.Pete
PM 10 miles, 70min

Wednesday Mar 16
AM 7 miles, 49min
PM 11 miles,1:12min
4 mile warm up, 29min
5k tempo 15:00.15 (2:59.97, 2:59.44, 3:00.81, 3:01.13, 2:58.80)
4 mile cool down, 28min

Thursday Mar 17
AM 6 miles, 43min
Noon ART with Dr.Pete
PM 13 miles, 1:31min

Friday Mar 18
AM 6 miles, 41min
PM 10 miles, 67min + 10x strides
Late PM Massage from Josina (Massage Envy Back Bay)

Saturday Mar 19
AM 10 miles, 70min
PM Ice bath

Sunday Mar 20
AM 17 miles, 1:37min
New Bedford Half Marathon (debut) - 1st place, official time 1:05:24 (Results)
warm up: 2 miles ,16min
race: 1:05:25
cool down: 2 miles, 16min
splits from GPS watch:
00:05:00.31 at 1 mile
00:05:00.80-10:01 at 2 miles
00:04:54.31-14:55 at 3 miles
00:05:02.23-19:57 at 4 miles
00:04:51.37-24:49 at 5 miles
00:04:51.99-29:41 at 6 miles
00:04:51.55-34:32 at 7 miles
00:05:02.90-39:35 at 8 miles
00:05:05.87-44:41 at 9 miles
00:05:02.33-49:43 at 10 miles
00:04:55.57-54:39 at 11 miles
00:04:58.21-59:37 at 12 miles
00:05:02.16-64:39 at 13 miles
+0.1 mile
PM 5 miles, 40min + Ice bath

122 miles

This past week was the New Bedford Marathon - the first stop of the USATFNE Grand Prix Series. Although I wanted to do well (win), I tried to approach this race not as a performance seeker but more of a confidence builder to see where my fitness is with 3 weeks to go until the marathon. Sometimes, people can look great in workouts and race terribly or vice versa. From this race, I can tell that my race efforts are going much better than my workout efforts. This is good news because I can still make some improvements along the way. As I mentioned in last week's post, I got a little sick with a cold and was really worried for a few days that the cold had weakened my immune system. I had troubles with my last interval workout but felt that I could definitely push myself to go longer even if not going faster. That's what I used in New Bedford. I couldn't dig down into low 4:50's pace but I sure knew I could hold at least 5:05 pace even if I completely hit the wall. Luckily, race went well and I won my first ever New England championship title.

For the next three weeks, it will be critical for me to take very good care of my body. Eliminate any aches and pains. Focus on sensory data rather than numbers and most important keep an open mind to what the possibilities are in Rotterdam.

Before closing out this blog entry, just wanted to thank everyone for the help and support. I won't list any names so that I don't run into risk of leaving anybody out as there are many of you behind my recent success. As I come near the end of this training cycle, I want you to know that your care and support are greatly appreciated! Also, always big thanks to the BAA, Racemenu, Dr.Pete and Mix1Boston. Lastly, Nate and Gary, for continuing to invest time and energy out of their busy schedules into making me a better runner.