Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 11 of 16 Marathon Training

Monday Feb 28
AM 6 miles, 48min
PM 6 miles, 46min, speed drills + pool

Tuesday Mar 1
AM Off (busy)
PM 15 miles, 1:30:32
Workouts: Medium effort progression
progressed every 2.5 miles for 10 miles (55:18)
on treadmill with incline on 1%
Late PM massage

Wednesday Mar 2
AM 8 miles, 56min
PM 13 miles, 1:33min

Thursday Mar 3
AM 5 miles, 35min
PM 17 miles, 1:33min
warm up and cool down, 2 miles 14min
workout 4x3mile at MP with mile rest
15:27 (5:10, 5:06, 5:10) mile rest at 5:45
15:23 (5:09, 5:07, 5:06) mile rest at 5:40
15:21 (5:07, 5:06, 5:07) mile rest at 5:48
15:32 (5:06, 5:10, 5:14)
total workout 15 miles in 1:18:59

Friday Mar 4
AM 6 miles, 44min
PM 8 miles, 67min, speed drills+hurdle drills

Saturday Mar 5
AM 14 miles, 1:31min (5:37 last mile)
PM 8 miles, 59min

Sunday Mar 6
AM 20 miles, 2:18min
PM off (very tired)

126 miles

Decent week of training. MP intervals went better than I thought. I ended up averaging 15:25 for the repetitions.My goal was just to keep them sub 15:40. Although the rests were in the 5:40's, most of them were run first halves at high 2:50's and second halves at low 2:40's. Next week I will probably get in two other workouts: a long run type tempo and another set of long intervals. Looking at Nate's training from his 2:15 first marathon, he had plenty of rest going into both his half and the marathon. I have gotten good base, good speed and now it's just time to hit some more key workouts and some easy days.