Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 7 of 16 Marathon Training

Monday Jan 31
AM 7 miles, 48min
PM 13 miles, 1:31min, hurdle drills + strides

Tuesday Feb 1
AM 8 miles, 60min
PM 12 miles, 1:26min

Wednesday Feb 2
AM 6 miles, 44min
PM 11 miles, 1:15min
workout on track wearing flats
full mile 4:20.8, target 4:22 (5 min rest)
600 1:37.0, target 1:37.5 (30 sec rest)
600 1:33.8,target 1:34.5 (3 min rest)
400 63.6, target 65.0 (30 sec rest)
400 61.3, target 63.0(3 min rest)
400 63.7, target 65.0 (30 sec rest)
400 60.8, target 61.0

Thursday Feb 3
AM 6 miles, 43min
PM 12 miles, 1:22min, hurdle drills
Late PM massage

Friday Feb 4
AM off (sick with a cold)
PM 15 miles, 1:41 w/ 8x3min long hills with 3min recovery (7 miles)

Saturday Feb 5
AM 14 miles, 1:37min
PM 5 miles, 35min

Sunday Feb 6
21 miles, 2:03min
Charlie Spedding 20 mile fartlek (1:56:34) + 1 mile cool down (7min)
4 miles-----------(24:03/6:01) pace overall: 6:01
8 miles-----47:22 (23:18/5:49) pace overall: 5:55
12 miles--1:10:29 (23:06/5:47) pace overall: 5:52
16 miles- 1:33:53 (23:24/5:51) pace overall: 5:51
20 miles--1:56:34 (22:41/5:40) pace overall: 5:49

130 miles

This week was another tough one to start with. The snow definitely is making things much harder. No only some of my runs are somewhat inefficient running, I am putting a lot more stress on my hips and everything else when running in packed snow due to poor footing.In addition, I also got a little sick in the middle of the week but was able to shake it out by end of Saturday. I was supposed to race a Super Sunday 10k on Sunday, but it now has been postponed which means I will not be able to run it anymore. I am hoping to race either 3k or 5k at Valentine depending on which race has a more competitive field. If the fields are not strong enough for me to have a chance to PR, then I will scratch and save my efforts.

Anyways, now turning my attention to the marathon. After finishing fall xc, I started the 16 week training for the marathon. The 16 is actually more like 2 eight-week windows. The first 8 weeks have been focused on getting me back on the track, meaning bringing my flexibility back, improving my turnover and getting my hips stronger through use of hurdle drills. Now on Feb 14, the next 8 week window will start in which I will be doing 6 weeks of marathon specific work (a lot of tempos at and below MP) and then 2 weeks of taper. I think I feel fit enough to be able to handle the work ahead, but its still going to be a mental challenge since it is my first time doing these type of training. I like challenges though. Some workouts I've been itching to do, but have been patiently waiting for the right time. The right time is now arriving (and very quick!). I will keep you all informed. Let me know if there is anything is specific you would like to know. As always, thanks for the support!