Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 6 of 16 Marathon Training

Monday Jan 24
AM 7 miles, 48min, hurdle drills + strides
noon: massage
PM: 13 miles, 1:29min

Tuesday Jan 25
AM 6 miles, 42min
PM 12 miles, 1:19min
workout on track: 5x1k (on lane 3) w/ 2min recovery averaged 2:56

Wednesday Jan 26
AM 8 miles, 61min
PM 10 miles, 1:15min + hurdle drills

Thursday Jan 27
AM 12 miles, 1:21min w/ 7x3min long hill with 3 min recovery (6 miles)
PM 7 miles, 48 min + speed drills

Friday Jan 28
AM 6 miles, 46min
PM 10 miles, 68min
Late PM massage

Saturday Jan 29
15 miles, 1:42min
Terrier 3k: 8:07.50 (5th) PR!

Sunday Jan 30
21 miles, 2:26min on Boston marathon course

127 miles

This past week I had some more decent training with a nice unexpected personal record in the 3k. As expected, we got hit with another snow storm causing some changes in training due to terrible footing. Some runs were done slower because I was basically running through slush, packed and slippery snow - sometimes barely with any running shoulder and putting myself in serious jeopardy. So I went into the Terrier Invitational with a "nothing to lose" attitude and somehow came away happy. Honestly, I would still have been satisfied with anything under 8:20. The day before the race, I even ran 16 miles without much care about feeling sharp before the race. I kept telling myself that all I needed to do 2 things: 1.think about the long term plans 2.compete. However, I did get 2 massages this week for injury prevention purposes. I was seeded 10th in a field of 13 runners for section 1 (see video above). From the video you will notice that I quickly went to the back of the pack. My strategy was simple "go slow and pass people one by one". It ended up working well as I was able to maintain a smooth rhythm and move from last to 5th; however, I found myself stuck in "no man's land". As I slowly made my move to the front, the leaders had already gotten away too far for me to catch them. It was an exciting race and this certainly will boost my confidence for longer races. However, I need to have more confidence in myself and start believing more. I did not think I'd be able to move that much in the race. Next week I will be doing the Racemenu Super Sunday 10k on the roads. It will be nice to finally put some speed on the roads and mess around with sub 5 pacing.