Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 4 of 16 Marathon Training

Monday Jan 10
AM 8 miles, 55min
PM 11 miles, 1:15min + hurdle drills
Long hills reps on Christian St from yellow sign to basketball hoop
splits: 3:04, 3:01, 3:03, 3:02, 3:00, 2:59 (3:01 avg)

Tuesday Jan 11
AM 8 miles, 58min
PM 12 miles, 1:24min + speed drills

Wednesday Jan 12
AM 10 miles, 1:15min
PM 10 miles, 69min
Track workout: 6x1k at Harvard w/ 2 min jog
splits: 2:48.06, 2:48.13, 2:49.38, 2:48.50, 2:48.18, 2:42.40 (2:47 avg)

Thursday Jan 13
AM 6 miles, 45min
PM 12 miles, 1:27min + speed drills + hurdle drills

Friday Jan 14
AM 6 miles, 45min
PM 15 miles, 1:28min + speed drills
12 mile tempo on Bay State marathon course (windy, temps in low 20's)
splits: 5:46,5:37,5:40,5:34,5:30,5:34,5:32,5:32,5:36,5:40,5:32,5:33 (1:07:11/5:35 pace)

Saturday Jan 15
AM 10 miles, 1:12min
PM 8 miles, 59min

Sunday Jan 16
20 miles, 1:56:25
Charlie Spedding fartlek on Boston marathon course (windy, temps in high 20's)
4 miles-24:08(24:08/6:02) pace overall: 6:02
8 miles- 47:25(23:16/5:49) pace overall: 5:55
12 miles-1:10:37 (23:12/5:48) pace overall: 5:53
16 miles-1:33:46 (23:08/5:47) pace overall: 5:51
20 miles-1:56:25 (22:39/5:39) pace overall: 5:49

136 miles

This was a great week of training. I was able to touch up on many different systems from working my lungs, leg muscles, change of pacing, track work etc. One key component of the workouts has been my ability to relax and maintain a good cadence. Whether I'm going 1ks on the track or a long run, I've found the ability to keep a relaxed cadence as key to not just keeping pace but also staying efficient. I am very happy with this week. Although I still have many harder weeks to come, I think I'm right on where I need o be for now. Next week I will race the mile at GBTC invite. Why ? Even marathoners need to still maintain good foot speed. I'm not hoping for a PR anything ridiculous, but I do want to put a good effort there.