Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 23

Monday Nov 22
AM 6 miles, 42min with on/off strides
PM 12 miles, 1:22min, drills

Tuesday Nov 23
AM 7 miles, 49min
PM 10 miles, 68min (workout)
workout goal: 8x200 at sub 34 with 200m easy jog rest
warm up: 35min
actual workout:
cool down: 23min

Wednesday Nov 24
AM off, travel to San Jose
PM 6 miles, 42min, drills, strides

Thursday Nov 25
AM 11 miles, 1:12min
shakeout: 8 min
warm up: 25min, drills, strides
race: Silicon Valley 5k in San Jose, Ca. 17th overall, 11th America in 14:30.
cool down: 25min
PM off

Friday Nov 26
AM 16 miles, 1:52min
PM off, travel back to Boston

Saturday Nov 27
AM 12 miles, 1:21min (workout)
warm up: out in 44min
workout: fartlek back in 37min with 3min on, 2min off
PM 8 miles, 56min

Sunday Nov 28
AM 15 miles, 1:32 min (workout) with BAA
workout: First 6 miles easy, next 1 hr from 6min to low 5min pace
PM 8 miles, 58min

111 miles