Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 21

Monday Nov 8
AM off as recommended by coaches
PM 12 miles, 1:24min, drills (inside reggie)

Tuesday Nov 9
AM 8 miles, 56min, with on/off strides
PM 11 miles, 1:11min

Wednesday Nov 10
AM 5 miles, 36min
PM 14 miles, 1:27min, workout at reggie lewis track
workout goal: 2k(200 rest)2k(400)2k(200)2k.
target times: 2k(6:15)200(46)400(1:35)
warm up: 21min outside to Mass Av., drills and strides
actual workout
2k(6:10.18)200m rest(46.19)
2k(6:08.94)400m rest(1:33.68)
2k(6:07.25)200m rest(45.25)
total: 8800m( 27:35/5:02.66 per mile)
cool down: 39min

Thursday Nov 11
AM 8 miles, 56min with on/off strides
PM 10 miles, strides (treadmill)

Friday Nov 12
AM 8 miles, 54min
PM 10 miles, 66min, drills (treadmill), workout postponed/track closed

Saturday Nov 13
AM 6 miles, 43min
PM 12 miles, 1:24, alternating paces (treadmill in my basement)

Sunday Nov 14
AM 22 miles, 2:34min, with BAA
PM off

126 miles

As I had expected, the last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. I just started a new job (have 2 jobs now) and its almost time for academic finals. I am working about 30-35 hours per week and I am commuting for Lowell to finish my last 3 classes to get my Masters. Running has not been the number one priority for me right now. Although I must say I am guilty for doing a poor job of planning out the running part. For example, I had planned two workouts at the Reggie Lewis track only to find out later that the track was closed AND it was listed on their schedule. With shorter day hours (its dark by 4:50 here in Boston), the planning has to be done in the right way. Lately, I have not done many workouts, except for last Wednesday which was one of the better workouts I've done in a while. If anything, I am hoping that not having done many workout will help release pressure on my body and mind in the long run. Hopefully in the next two weeks I will get to settle into a nicer rhythm with two big races coming up. For now that's all I've got. Feel free to question.