Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 19 - Halloween

RaceMenu/Mix1 Monster Dash & Bash on Friday, Oct 29 to benefit MMRF
Photo by Lisa Samson

Monday Oct 25
6 miles, 43min
12 miles, 1:22min, drills

Tuesday Oct 26
AM 6 miles, 43min, drills
PM 13miles+, 1:20min
warm up: 21min, strides and drills
workout goal: 5x2k w/ short 400m jog. Target 6:15 and 1:35
actual workout:
----11600m in 37:09.23(5:09.26 per mile)
cool down: 22min

Wednesday Oct 27
AM 6 miles, 41min
PM 12 miles, 1:24min, drills

Thursday Oct 28
AM6 miles, 42min
PM 12miles++, 1:18min, pool
warm up: 21min, drills and strides, 1x200 in 29.96
workout goal: 10x400 w/ 100m rec. continuous, goal 15:30
actual workout: 69.72(23.00)68.24(22.38)69.88(22.50)70.18(22.69)
70.44(16.01)---5000m of work in 15:24.79.VERY WINDY!
cool down: 42min

Friday Oct 29
AM 8 miles, 56min, drills
PM 12 miles, 1:24min

Saturday Oct 30
AM 15miles+, 91min
warm up: 21min, few drills
workout goal:8-mile progression(6:00-5:00) followed by 5x200 (33/45)
actual workout:
progression: 8.22 miles (44:26/5:24pace)
1- 6:00
2- 5:44
3- 5:40
4- 5:29
(4 to S)- 1:12 (0.22mi, 5:27 pace)
5- 5:19
6- 5:11
7- 4:57
8- 4:54
200's: 33.28(46.00)32.49(44.82)32.00(45.50)30.99(43.00)31.93
cool down: 21min
PM 6 miles, 43min, drills

Sunday Oct 31
22 miles, 2:34min

136 miles

On Friday I took part in the Monster Dash & Bash, 1-mile race/walk at the Boston Common (Downtown Boston,MA) followed by a Halloween party at Club Felt to benefit the MMRF (Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation). On board were several Racemenu friends and the Mix1Boston team. This organization raises funds for an incurable but treatable form of blood cancer. My friend's (Alain Ferry) father passed away with this disease when Alain was 18. Alain founded RACE (Race Against Cancer Events, Inc), a non-profit corporation that produces running, cycling and multisport events to raise funds and awareness for charitable projects and organizations.

Also on Saturday I got to take part in my first official workout with the BAA team, plus former NBB member Justin Lutz. We did a nice progression run, although I did not keep track of splits, you know it was a good effort whenever you are running with guys like Brian Harvey and Lutz (PR of 8:05 for 3,000). This is my first year running for a club, and I couldn't be happier about being on a team with great national potential like the BAA. This upcoming Sunday (Nov 7) will be the New England regional championship, in which the team needs to place in the top 2 to qualify for the USA club nationals. Strong competition will come from rivals, NBB and GBTC. Last year I placed second against a strong Lucas Meyer(BAA). This year, I can tell already that it will be extremely hard to even sneak in the top 5 (yes New England distance running is getting better) with addition of Brian Harvey (BAA) and Tim Ritchie (BAA) who both ran great at Mayor's Cup. Individually, it will be a tough race even within the team, but I am confident though that whatever happens, I will be satisfied with the outcomes. See you at Franklin Park, November 7 at 10 in the morning.