Sunday, November 14, 2010

Treadmill Running: Why not?

Finishing a 12-mile run in the basement at home.

In getting ready for the winter months, I have set up this fine piece of equipment in the basement at home. There will be no missed runs anymore. The treadmill can be mentally tough to handle, but so is the marathon. So I think this will build mental toughness. Last year during the time that I ran my PR of 13:56, more than 50% of that month's training was done on treadmills. Although some people may think treadmill running is not good for you, but here are my benefits specifically for winter running:

- no slipping, sliding or falling, no breaking bones like I did back in 2009

- more efficient running than running on packed snow
- eliminate chances of getting sick
- let yourself dictate pace, rather than letting the weather dictate pace/efforts

- full complete training days rather than half days because of weather

- run anytime during the day, even if it's dark

- easy water stations
- mental & psychological gains