Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 18 - Mt.Washington Bank 5k

Monday Oct 11
AM 6 miles, 41min, drills
PM Off (hiking 5 hours)

Tuesday Oct 12
AM 8 miles, 56min, drills
PM 13 miles++, 1:23min
workout: 6xmile repeats at Mines Falls (Nashu,NH, 2130m loop)
warm up: 18min, light drills and strides
4:56.70(2:14.36)4:58.50(2:08)....12780m in 43:16.56 (5:26 pace)
This might not look good on paper, but it was a good workout. Most of these mile repeats were uphill. The loop we used is 2130m, so we ran a full mile and the about 530m recovery. It was my first time in a long time doing workout on trail. Coach estimates these are about 10secs faster on the track. The fastest I've gone on track so far this fall for mile reps has been 4:54.
cool down 22min

Wednesday Oct 13
AM 8 miles, 56min, drills
noon massage
PM 12 miles, 1:21min with on/off strides

Thursday Oct 14
AM 8 miles, 56min
PM 11miles+, 1:12min, workout
warm up: 15min, light strides and drills, 1x200 in 29.37
workout goal: 10x400w/100rest total 15:20
actual workout: splits:
total 5000m in 15:14.66 incl. recovery - fastest ever.
cool down: 42min

Friday Oct 15
AM 6 miles, 42min on treadmill, drills
PM 13 miles, 1:25min on treadmill, w/ a 4:49 5th mile

Saturday Oct 16
AM 13 miles, 1:30min
PM 6 miles, 42min

Sunday Oct 17
AM 11 miles, 1:10min, Race Mt.Washington Bank 5k, 14:51, 1st, course record
PM 12 miles++, 1:28min

127 miles

This was a big week in terms of miles (121 in last 6 days). Tuesday's workouts was also excellent. I was able to match my trails times to my track times which means I put even more effort there. I'm excited for this upcoming week in the Mayors Cup. Last year I was 7th in 24:23 in muddy conditions in which I had refused to wear spikes. I was able to stay in the race just a little past 5k but faded from the lead pack. This year, although I don't feel "fast" as in I haven't hammered 4:40s mile in practice yet, but I feel that my strength of being able to keep 4:50s pace for a longer is way better. XC is strength based and I am going to rely on that to get me through.

In addition to Mayors Cup, I will be doing the Sillicon Valley 5k in California on Thanksgiving Day. It is a fast race with deep competition. I am hoping to improve on my 14:29 season best from CVS.