Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 18

Monday Oct 18
AM 6 miles, 42min
PM 12 miles, 1:26min, drills (139miles in last 7 days)

Tuesday Oct 19
AM 5 miles, 35min, drills
PM 14 miles++, 1:34min
warm up: 21min, drills and strides. 1x200 in 30.73
workout goal: 5x1k in w/ 500 slow jog.
actual workout: Ended up doing 6 reps:
Cool down: 45min

Wednesday Oct 20
AM 8 miles, 56min
noon massage
PM 10 miles, 70min

Thursday Oct 21
AM 8 miles, 51min
PM 10 miles+, 1:13min
warm up: 34min, lights drills
workout: 25x100 meter strides on the minute on grass at FP. took 25min total
cool down: 14min

Friday Oct 22
AM 8 miles, 57min
PM 10 miles, 69min, drills

Saturday Oct 23
AM 8 miles, 56min, drills
PM 5 miles, 36min, drills

Sunday Oct 24
AM Mayors Cup Race, 14 miles, 1:30min
shakeout: 8min
warm up: 17min, strides and drills
race: 8km at Franklin Park, 5th place, 24:06 (17 sec PR)
cool down: 41min
PM off, too much homework

118 miles

This week, one of my primary goals was to get in some speed endurance. At this time last year, I would do 1ks and mile reps in mid 2:40's and low 4:40's with no problem. However, with the amount of volume I'm doing this year (jump from mid 90's to 130), its hard to feel "that fast" in practice. Keep in mind, I am primarily focusing on doing a huge general phase of training which will get me ready to handle higher volume of workouts that will prepare me for the marathon. Going back to the fast stuff, I tried not to care too much about recovery on these 1k reps I did. I have plenty of endurance and aerobic strength. I basically wanted to see if my legs could actually move fast - they indeed did and it felt great to finally run a quick workout (averaged 2:47). I had not dipped under 10k pace since May of 2010, so this is definitely a good confidence booster in terms of general training. Mayors Cup recap to come in next post!