Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 13

Monday Sep 6
AM 12 miles+, 1:27min, drills
PM 8 miles, 57min

Tuesday Sep 7
AM 6 miles, 43min
PM:11 miles,67min
workout goal 6xmile @5:00 w/ 400m rest @ sub 2
warm up: 16min, lights drills and strides
actual workout: 4:54.10(1:40.48)4:57.82(1:37.62)4:58.63(1:35.56)5:01.82(1:38.93)4:58.66 total 9600m in 31:23.72 including rest at 5:15.78/mile
cool down: 20min
Body sore as hell before the workout, very hot out at 3pm. I basically have no sense of pacing either, most of them were run at negative splits. Still not a good workout but much better than the 8x1k last week.

Wednesday Sep 8
AM 6 miles, 41min with on/off strides
PM 12 miles, 1:22min, drills

Thursday Sep 9
AM 7 miles, 49min, drills
PM 11 miles, 1:24min
workout goal: 20x100 on the minute @ 15 sec
warm up: 43min (5mile) with girls team and Coach G, light drills and strides
actual workout: 15.43(48.70)15.31(46.82)14.94(45.75)14.93(46.00)14.75
cool down: 21min

Friday Sep 10
AM 9 miles, 64min
PM 8 miles, 57min, drills

Saturday Sep 11
AM 11 miles+++, 1:14min
shakeout: 10min, light stretch at 6:30am
goal 4:55-5:00 per mile
warm up: 22min, light drills and strides
workout: supposed to do progression run, but decided to hop in this race.Ollie Road Race 4.4mile- 2nd place in 21:20/4:51 per mile. Nate was first in identical time. Results
cool down: 20min
PM 10 miles++, 68min, drills

Sunday Sep 12
22 miles+, 2:27min


This week was a good indicator of where my fitness is. I have noticed that I am struggling more to do intervals than tempos/progressions and this week proved it. The 5xmile Tuesday felt way harder than the race Saturday. To be completely honest, I felt extremely good during the second half of the race. As we warmed up, my legs felt a little sore just in general from training. After the first half of the race around 2.5mile there was a big hill called "G-Street Hill" which I was able to handle with no problem. The hill in reality helped me because it opened up my stride and I felt like I had a second wind after. I maintained pace very well, unfortunately, I did not get the chance to "kick" as the race was cut short at 4.4miles. By the time I noticed, it was 20-30 meters of the finish and Nate was able to get a head start on the kick. Still a good opener for me.I would have been happy with anything under sub 5min pace per mile, so that is a good indicator that once I get used to the interval training, I will run much better. This week also ended a two-week cycle (week 12+week 13) of the workouts I've been doing similar to Nate's schedule. I will start another 2 week cycle tomorrow.