Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 9

Week 9

Monday Aug 9
15 miles, 1:42min

Tuesday Aug 10
AM 6 miles, 43min
PM 12 miles, 1:19min w/ 1200m of spring/float

Wednesday Aug 11
AM 6 miles, 42min
PM 8 miles, 56min
Late PM 6 miles, 40min

Thursday Aug 12
AM 8 miles, 57min
PM 13 miles 1:31min

Friday Aug 13
AM 6 miles, 44min
PM 10 miles, 69min

Saturday Aug 14
AM 12 miles
wu: 25min
wo:10km progression run w/ Nate on Andover grass fields 32:11 (6:57, 6:44, 6:23, 6:01, 6:04)
cd: 20min
PM 10 miles, 69min

Sunday Aug 15
21 miles, 2:15min
Average HR: 150bpm

133 miles

Another great week in the books. Expect to see a few more workouts with my two training buddies Tim Guerin and Nate Jenkins. Saturday was a good start of the workouts with Nate. I think I was about 10 secs behind him which isn't bad considering he just ran 29:32 10km on the roads last week and he is ways ahead of me in the race-fitness category. However, even if I get dropped every time by him, it is huge motivation for me to chase him as he is a huge aerobic machine. In addition I had a great long run this week. A few weeks ago my average heart rate was 155 on a 15 mile/6:52 pace, this week it was 150 for a 21mile/6:28 pace, tried to keep all other things constant. This was also the highest weekly mileage I've ever done. I definitely feel like I am making huge jumps in training by developing the aerobic capacity first (which I believe is there). With a few workouts, long and short, and working with the new training partners, this could be a great year ahead.