Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week 7

Monday July 26
AM 7 miles 50min
PM 10 miles, 65min, grtc drills

Tuesday July 27
AM 5 miles, 37min
PM 12 miles, 1:24min

Wednesday July 28
15 miles, 1:35min (34:26-31:53-29:18), pool

Thursday July 29
AM 6 miles, 42min
PM 11 miles, 1:15min

Friday July 30
15 miles, 1:42min

Saturday July 31
AM 12 miles, heartbreak hill, 1:23min
PM 8 miles, 56min

August 1
19 miles, 2:12min

120 miles

Another solid week building up the miles. Very pleased with getting 3 runs of 15 or more miles. Weekend weather was great which allowed me to have a good finish to the week. Overall most of the runs I felt great by the end. I can feel my body getting very strong week by week even with no workouts. Here's a recap of this months training:

Week Date Long Run Distance (miles) Time (min)
3 June28July4 15 83 571min
4 July 5July12 16 93 633min
5 July13July18 17 102 702min
6 July19July25 18 114 762min
7 July26Aug1 19 120 821min

Base mileage is a very important part of training that is often ignored by non-Lydiard believers. I think it's very important to maximize fitness as much as possible before moving on to any hard efforts or workouts. By the end of this base phase I should feel confident that I can run pretty close to my PR's in any events from 8k-up. When the hills, tempos, progressions and workouts kick in is when I will have a little breakthrough of sorts. For now #1 goal is maximizing the BASE phase. Miles, miles and more miles.