Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 10

Monday Aug 16
AM 6 miles, 44min
PM 13miles, 1:28min
warm up: 25min, 1x200m stride in 32.86
workout goal: 10x400 in 73sec w/ 100m rest in 25sec
actual workout: 70.81(25.00)69.50(23.44)70.68(22.88)71.75(22.62)70.63(23.00)72.75(23.31)72.50(23.31)71.38(23.62)73.19(23.38)72.06(17.43)-15:43.24 for 5000m
cool down: 48min

Tuesday Aug 17
AM 7 miles, 51min
PM 10 miles, 71min

Wednesday Aug 18
AM 8 miles, 58min, massage from Massage Envy
PM 12 miles, 1:25min

Thursday Aug 19
AM 5 miles, 35min
PM 15 miles, 1:43min, last mile 5:32

Friday Aug 20
AM 7 miles, 49min
PM 12 miles, 1:16, last two miles 11:38

Saturday Aug 21
22 miles, 2:35min

Sunday Aug 22
AM 5 miles, 34min
PM 14 miles, 1:34min Wilmot Hills

136 miles

To the loyal followers, sorry for the late post - I was at Camp Wilmot in NH with no internet or phone access. Besides getting poison ivy on my legs and having a few scratches on my face from getting hit by a tree branch in the Lowell woods, everything else has been great. The long run was the longest I have ever run and the weekly mileage is the highest I have ever hit. Although this is unfamiliar territory for me in terms of mileage, I can honestly say that I have felt quite well due to a smooth and gradual build up. Aerobically, I feel as great as I have ever felt at the end of any summer training. I'm looking forward to some good hard workouts this fall.