Friday, August 6, 2010

Joined the BAA!

File:Boston Athletic Association.svg

So after months of running around looking at different clubs and teams to join, I have finally decided to join the BAA (Boston Athletic Association). Now that I think about it, it's probably the best option I had for myself. Before doing this, I had looked at many national caliber clubs along with some local clubs (NBB, RUN, Rogue Running, In-the-Arena, McMillan, Zap etc.) to get a sense of what I really needed for post collegiate running. Why did I do that? Well, I do plan on taking running after college very serious. I plan to stay very competitive for years to come; therefore, I had to look at long term plans as far as joining a team. A team that I know I can depend on as far as gear, traveling and management for a consistent period.

So why BAA? A few reasons. First of all, I get to finish my MBA degree this fall while living at home. I can keep training with my current coach, teammates, get medical help from my chiropractor Dr. Pete and use UML facilities when needed. I also have a team that can score at regional and national level competitions from cross country to road racing. I can do some local races and national races as an individual at the highest competitive level in the US. I am well covered as far as traveling, training and racing gear from adidas. In addition, the history behind the club and what it is currently doing as far as community outreach. Back in 2000 when I was at the Dearborn Middle School, BAA had developed a cross country program for Boston City kids. The BAA not only spends a 4-week training period in the fall for Boston city schools cross country but is also responsible for hosting the Boston Middle School cross country championships, where I placed 12th in 2000. So it is somewhat safe to say that BAA introduced me to my first ever cross country race. The BAA is well connected with bringing running to the community of Boston...When I say Boston, I don't just mean downtown or greater Boston parts of Brookline, Framingham, Natick or Newton...I like the fact that they actually would bring runners to talk about running specifically to Dorchester and Roxbury kids (the communities where I grew up and currently live). I hope by joining them I will also be able to do the same within the community. Thank you for those of you that have kept up with my blog and also big thanks to the BAA and those other teams who offered to support me.