Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 4

Monday July 5
AM 6 miles, 43min
PM 8 miles, 55min

Tuesday July 6
10 miles, 67min

Wednesday July 7
AM 10 miles, 67min
PM 5 miles, 33min, grtc drills

Thursday July 8
12 miles, 1:16min

Friday July 9
AM 6 miles, 43min
PM 8 miles, 56min

Saturday July 10
12 miles heartbreak hill, 1:24min

Sunday July 11
16 miles, 1:47min

93 miles

Nice week of training, I'm starting to finally feel much better adjusting to mileage. I will continue to increase the long runs, the medium long runs and the doubles week by week. Building a strong aerobic capacity will be key for any races that will follow. For now, the goal is to keep everything consistent, gradual and staying healthy at the same time by avoiding any races or crazy runs that will hurt my recovery process.