Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 3 - 4th of July

Monday June 28
AM 6 miles, 43min
PM 6 miles, 43min, grtc drills

Tuesday June 29
AM Travel Boston-Charlotte
PM 4.5 miles, 30min

Wednesday June 30
AM 10 miles, 64min, drills
PM 5 miles, 37min, core

Thursday July 1
AM Travel Charlotte-Boston
PM 14.5 miles heartbreak hill, 1:39min

Friday July 2
12 miles, 1:24min, drills

Saturday July 3
10 miles, 68min

Sunday July 4
15 miles, 1:43min

83 miles

I took a big step in mileage this week going from 50's to 80's. I'm really proud of myself for not doing any 4th of July races. Although it is tempting to do some races (especially now that I can collect prize money) , I must keep in mind the purpose of these next few months is to build a huge aerobic base. Last year I did 4-5 races because I was coming off an injury and wanted to give myself enough time to get used to that racing pain. Racing might still be in the picture later when I'm feeling real fit (aerobically) as a way of checking progress. I'm adding 1 mile every other week to my long run. I'd like to be somewhere near a healthy 2hr30min run. Once I can do that, you know the strength is there.

Tips of the week: keep the runs easy when building up mileage, speed and all that hammering non sense can come later. Let the hard hammering come in naturally, but don't force it. If you do force it, you will be in pain and not recover well enough to keep increasing the mileage and the long run. That's when injuries happen.