Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week 2 - Building up Slowly

Monday June 21
5miles, 34min, grtc drills

Tuesday June 22
5 miles, 35min, monster circuit, hurdles

Wednesday June 23
AM- 8 miles, 60min, strides
PM- grtc drills

Thursday June 24
8 miles, 55min, strides

Friday June 25
10miles, 65min, hurdles

Saturday June 26
10 miles heartbreak hill, 65min (35/30)

Sunday June 27
12 miles, 1:16min (40/36)

58 miles

Someone once told me that everything you do, it only takes it 3 weeks to make it a habit or become used to it. It usually takes me about that same time to get in the summer training mode. I'm very excited to just be able to run. Nothing like battling the heat on solo runs and keeping the stubborn approach to getting fit. There is always a temptation to do summer road races is , especially now that I can accept cash prizes. My goal is to slowly build up my mileage to a point where I feel comfortable and I have the right amount of balance between hard and easy days. I'm going to hold up on sort of racing and follow the long term plans. Get strong, stay healthy, get race fit then boom! Big race, big PR's and all. Here we go...bring on the pain.