Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 54

Monday May 17
12 miles, 1:22min, drills, strides

Tuesday May 18
PM TrackWorkout: 3 x2k w/ 400 and 600 rest
5:40(63 last 400), 5:43(64), 5:43(64)
10 miles total
PM (Late) 5 miles, 35min

Wednesday May 19
AM 5 miles, 35min, drills
PM 10 miles, 69min, drills, strides

Thursday May 20
AM 5 miles, 34min, drills
PM 10 miles, 64min, drills

Friday May 21
AM 5 miles, 33min, drills
PM Track Workout: Aussie 600's (8x600 w/ 200 floating rest)
4 miles including rec. in 19:33
10 miles total

Saturday May 22
10 miles, 66min, drills

Sunday May 23
15 miles, 1:39min

97 miles

This is it...One more meet to run for UML, the NCAA's, where I will run the 10k on Thursday May 27 and the 5k on Friday May 28. I'm seeded #11 in the 10k and #7 in the 5k, both of those races were run more than a month ago, and I feel like I have made some great improvements since then. I don't have any specific goals on where I would like to finish, but I am going in with an open mind to try to score as many points as possible for UML.