Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 46

Monday Mar 22
12 miles, 1:23min, hurdles

Tuesday Mar 23
AM off (sick)
PM Track Workout 4x2k w/ 400 rest, total 9.2k in 29:35 (5:10 pace), 10 miles

Wednesday Mar 24
AM 5 miles, 35min, drills
PM 10 miles, 69min, pool

Thursday Mar 25
12 miles, 1:19min, hurdles

Friday Mar 26
AM 5 miles, 35min, drills
PM 10 miles, 69min, strides, core

Saturday Mar 27
AM 5 miles, 37min, drills
PM 12 miles, 1:12min w/ 6mile Progression 5:31, 5:26, 5:21, 5:15, 5:11, 4:57 (31:42), strides

Sunday Mar 28
18 miles, 2:04min

99 miles

The past 4 weeks have been pretty good in terms of maintaining a good base. Not having much racing has allowed me to get some decent mileage and key long runs. This upcoming week I will be doing a 1500 at Princeton to go along with the longer workouts that I am doing to get ready for the Mt.Sac Relays 5k. I am not expecting any record breaking performance out of this 1500, but running a quick one this early would allow me to feel more comfortable going through the first few laps of the 5k. I know the strength is there, but running fast and keeping it relaxed is the main key for the 5k. If everything goes well this week (3:50-53), I will be right where I want to be for the 13:45 I have been looking for. Wish me Luck!