Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 41

Monday Feb 15
12 miles, 1:17min, drills, strides

Tuesday Feb 16
AM 10 miles, 64min, hurdles
PM 5 miles, 35min

Wednesday Feb 17
AM 5 miles, 34min, drills
PM 10 miles, 67min, core

Thursday Feb 18
12 miles, 1:23min

Friday Feb 19
AM 5 miles, 34min, drills, strides
PM Workout: Fartlek 5x3min w/ 1min rest, 5x1min w/ 30sec rest
10 miles, 61min, hurdles, core

Saturday Feb 20
AM 10 miles, 70min, drills
PM 5 miles, 34min, strides

Sunday Feb 21
18 miles, 2:05min

102 miles

Back to the basics! Achilles problem completely eliminated and I am feeling great again. The two days off from last week have me feeling fresh. The fartlek was good and I could really feel my legs moving smooth and strong. I am hoping to have a good run while in Ireland. Add me on twitter if you want all the updates while I'm there. (