Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 27 - "Down Week"

Mon Nov 9

Tue Nov 10

Wed Nov 11

Thu Nov 12

Fri Nov 13
5 miles, 34min, hurdles

Sat Nov 14
7 miles, 44 min, jump rope

Sun Nov 15
10 miles, Davis rd, 58min, core

Total: 22 miles

This week served as my down week and start of track season. In the past 16 weeks, I have averaged 97 mpw and needed a break even though I was feeling at the best fitness ever. Track season this year will be very long and I want to make sure I stay strong throughout. The short break was long enough to rest, but short enough to not lose much fitness. I definately don't want to lose any of those 16 hard weeks of training.What I love the most about running is the gradual improvement process to fitness. Seeing improvement day by day helps me stay motivate to achieving my goals. With track season, I will be implementing some changes to training. As some of you might know from my previous trackshark blog, I tend to do some more technical stuff during indoors. Some of these technical non running stuff include jump rope, hurdles drills and core training. I believe these exercises will help me improve to a longer, quicker and a more fluent stride, which is key to distance running on the track. In addition, I will still be doing the traditional bread and butter training from cross country consisting of high miles, progressions, tempos, hills etc.Here is a video for some motivation for track season: