Friday, October 2, 2009

Week after US 5k

Mon Sep 21
12 miles, 1:11min, drills

Tue Sep 22
AM 5 miles, 34 min
PM 10 miles, 61 min, 14x short hills

Wed Sep 23
AM 5 miles, 33 min
PM 10 miles, Davis rd, 57 min, drills

Thu Sep 24
12 miles, 1:11min, strides

Fri Sep 25
AM 5 miles, 34min
PM 10 miles, workout: 4 mile fartlek on track (19:28 - 5:02,4:46,5:03,4:37)

Sat Sep 26
18 miles, 1:48min

Sun Sep 27
AM 10 miles, 62min,drills
PM 5+ miles, 37min

Total: 102 miles

Coach and I opted to wait a few days to recover from the 5k race before attempting the first workout. On Friday, the goal was to run a 4 mile fartlek on track alternating slow(5:10) and fast (sub 4:50) miles. This workout felt extremely easy as I was trying as hard as possible not to run too fast on the easy miles, but just couldn't run any slower. I am guessing that is a good sign for now. Anyway, I am in the mids of another hard training block getting ready for Mayors Cup. It's funny how this works, train hard for a race, recover, train hard for another, recover then train hard for another. So far I am happy with how I am recovering. I will be going up to Keene, NH again on Oct 3 for another "tempo" run like I did on Sep 5. Except this time it will be at the 8k distance.