Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finding the right "Range"

Mon Sep 28
12 miles, 1:11 min, drills, strides

Tue Sep 29
AM 5 miles, 34 min
PM 11 miles, workout: 5x Chelmsford 1.93k on grass field w/ 2min rest
Rep 1- 5:39 (4:42 pace)
Rep 2- 5:45 (4:47)
Rep 3- 5:41 (4:44)
Rep 4- 5:41 (4:44)
Rep 5- 5:36 (4:40)

Wed Sep 30
AM 5 miles, 34 min
PM 10 miles, 62 min, drills

Thu Oct 1
AM 5 miles, 34 min
PM 10 miles, 62 min

Fri Oct 2
12 miles, 1:16min, drills

Sat Oct 3
AM 10 miles, tempo Keene 5 Mile: 25:05
PM 5 miles, 36min

Sun Oct 4
18 miles, 2:06 min

Total: 103 miles

Not much went on this week. Just another 100-mile, which was actually my highest since 2008. xc season. Since May, I've been gradually bringing the miles high. I rememeber back in June when 60 miles felt very tiring. During late summer, even 90 miles was very hard to get in. Coach G said the goal was to keep raising them to 95-105 during the fall. I have finnally arrived at that range where I am starting to feel more efficient in my training runs. I believe that all runners are different in the type of training they do. Some run better off of 60 miles while other run better off of 100 miles or 130 if your name is Nate Jenkins. One of the hardest things to do as a runner is to find that "range" of both quatity and quality of training. That range must be very specific to allow you to maximize your day of training but also allow you to recover and ultimately race well. I am happy coach and I have found that range. From now on, our next step is consistency in that range, which will yield positive results in the long run. See you next time.