Monday, September 21, 2009

Week of US 5k Road Champs

Mon Sep 15
AM 5 miles, 34min
PM 10 miles, 63 min, strides

Tue Sep 16
AM 5 miles, 35min
PM 10 miles, workout 5x800 at 2:14 w/ 200m rest in 60 secs

Wed Sep 17
12 miles, 1:13, strides

Thu Sep 18
AM 5 miles, 34min
PM 10 miles, workout 6x300 at 49 w/ 100m rest in 28 sec

Fri Sep 19
10 miles, 69min, drills

Sat Sep 20
8 miles, 56min

Sun Sep 21
AM 10 miles, Race US 5k Championships 14:28.0 Results
PM 5 miles, 35min

Total: 90 miles

The race Sunday was loaded as expected. This is probably the most competitive 5k natl champs in a long time. I was the 17th American in 14:28, a time that would have placed me in top 10 last year (which was my initial goal back in April). Although I improved 6 seconds from the Cigna race a month ago, I don't think I ran a smart race. I had too much left at the end of this race. I was way too conservative between 1.5 and 2.5miles, by the time I was able to start moving was a little too late. I wish I was more aggressive, but I guess this is a good sign of fitness. I need to start training myself mentally and physically to get as close to the red line as possible. I did not do that on Sunday. Hopefully next time.