Friday, September 18, 2009

Sharpening up

Just one last update before I get down to business on Sunday. I said on my last blog that I would do two sharpening workouts this week. On Tuesday I did a 5x800s at 2:14 with a short 200m jog covered in about 60 seconds. I tried to work on feeling relaxed and getting the feel of what it will be like on race day. Although not going all out, this is very motivating as I only averaged 2:16 in the same exact workout 4 days before my 14:05 PR indoors.On Thursday, I did another turnover workout. Again, working on relaxation and race feel. I did 6x300's at 49sec each with a short 100m jog covered at about 28 seconds. Felt very good. The race seems to be very stacked, meaning fast times and a lot of scalps on the line. However, I am still sticking to my goal of getting top 10.