Friday, September 4, 2009

Next Race...

Back in April when I was injured, I circled one race on my calendar. At the time I was still limping from the back/hip injury and faced a long period of recovery ahead of me. I figured it'd take about 2 months to rehab, another 2 months to get into regular running mode and another 2 months to seriously advance to the fitness level I want to be at. Doing a few summer races provided me with getting back in regular running/competitive mode. Now, September/October are the last 2 months of the 6months recovery process. The race that I circled as one of my primary events for the fall is the 5k US Road Championship, which will take place in Providence,RI on September 20th. This race is very special for me for two reasons: 1.Because I set this goal 6 months ago 2.Because it will be my first US Championship event. It will be very competitive with maybe a couple US Olympians, team members and national champions from the past. I am basically going to try sneaking into a top 10 finish like I have said in the previous entries.

School has just started and I feel like my schedule is getting a lot better already. I'm finding a better balance with my teammates and coach G at practice. My daily runs and workouts are getting better already and this is the right time I really need everything to click.

Race Website: Here