Sunday, August 16, 2009

Training Week of Cigna 5k Road Race

Mon Aug 10
AM 5miles, 34min
PM 5miles, 34min, felt horrible today, no good eating pattern threw me off

Tue Aug 11
AM 8 miles, 55min
PM 9 miles, Workout: 10x300 w/ 200rest, avrg. 48sec

Wed Aug 12
AM 5 miles, 34min, roarke br
PM 10 miles, 69 min

Thu Aug 13
10miles, Race Cigna Road 5k, 14:34, 5th, legs tired/heavy during warm up

Fri Aug 14
AM 5 miles, 34 min
PM 10 miles, 64min, out in 34, back in 30, route 113, strong run,

Sat Aug 15
AM Pool
PM 10 miles, 63min, last mile uphill 5:22, at home (wish I felt this good on race day)

Sun Aug 16
17miles, 1:54 min, reallly hot and humid

=94 miles

This week might not look hard on paper, but it was not easy. I knew the race Thursday would make me feel tired, but I didnt want ot rest up for it because thats not the purpose right now, so I ran 15miles the day before the race and this could have explained why I had no bounce at the starting line. In addition, I think I might be running most of the runs at low 6min pace and counting them at 6:45 pace. Next week is going to be a very hard week. Stay tunned!