Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lucky 13

Mon Aug 3
AM 5 miles, 34min, pretty tired
PM 5 miles, 31min, Roarke br. to apt in 12:43, short and sweet

Tue Aug 4
14 miles, 1:36min at Nashua, felt great at the end

Wed Aug 5
AM 5 miles, 34min, felt tired, not enough sleep
PM Workout: Road Fartlek 10x3min hard, 2 min easy (10 miles total), good rhythm

Thu Aug 6
13 miles, 1:31min, at Newburyport trails, tired took it easy

Fri Aug 7
AM 5 miles, 34min
PM 10miles, 67min, Belvadaire, hilly but good rhythm, legs felt fresh

Sat Aug 8
Workout: 4x2k w/ 400m jog rest: 5:57, 6:02, 6:00, 5:56 (11 miles total), felt comfortable
Total workout including the recovery 400s came out to be 30:01 for 9200meters (5:15pace)

Sun Aug 9
17 miles, 1:47min, felt good but not tired

=95 miles

Today marks ~Lucky Week 13~ since the devastating fall that ended my track season last year. I am very excited though because today also marks my first of 5 intense weeks of training I will be having before the US5k champs. This was an ideal week with 2 workouts, doubles every other day, 2 medium long runs and 1 good long run. My body feels way more efficient when training at this quantity and intensity than ever before! I hope to continue to put on strong weeks like this one. It brings back some good memories of the past when I was at my best fitness. For now, I keep the faith in the training.All I can hope for is that I continue to make progress day in and day out. Every run and every workout, I feel closer to my accomplishing my goals. Only time will tell. See you at Cigna 5k!